On 14 September 2023, we had our 5th Journal Club, discussing the book of Marta Lasek-Markey (2023) “Law, Precarious Labour, and Posted Workers: a sociolegal study on posted work in the EU”. This book examines the role of the law and its impact on the experiences of posted workers in Europe, both for those considered to be ‘white collar’ and those considered to be ‘blue collar’.

This analysis is carried out from a labour law perspective, and explores the concept of precariousness and its application to the situation of posted workers. This book is a great example of the use of a socio-legal approach, giving a voice to those who are the first to be affected by (complex) legal constructions such as posting of workers.

The book led us to discuss the notion of precariousness, and its interaction with the broader situation of (temporary) labour migration. It was also a great opportunity for our early career researchers to be confronted with a book stemming from a doctoral research and to reflect on the challenges and opportunities to integrate socio-legal insights into their own work.