On 26 June, the E-BoP team organised a workshop on Qualitative Research Methods, was presented by Catharina Lopes Scodro, one of our PhD researchers. Catharina has recently followed several trainings and worked on preparing her theoretical framework for her own fieldwork, comprising interviews, covering au pairs working in both France and Ireland.

During her presentation, Catharina explored qualitative research design, researchers’ positionality, ethics, qualitative data collection, and techniques to analyse it. The workshop was an opportunity to draw insights from her own participation in the Oxford Spring School in Advanced Social Methods, as well as to reflect on the potential and challenges of using research methods from other social sciences in the context of a legal research.

Several researchers from the UMR DRES (our research centre) and beyond joined us for the workshop, leading to a lively and interesting conversation on the challenges of integrating qualititative methods in our work as legal researchers. Participants also shared their own past experiences with these methods.