On 20 October 2023 Audrey Deverson presented her paper “Perspectiva de género y migración temporal de trabajo: el caso de la Directiva 2014/36/UE” at the 1ª Sesión del Grupo Permanente de Género y Política (Universidad de Deusto) in Bilbao. In her presentation, Audrey focused on the application of an intersectional gender perspective to the European legal framework concerning seasonal workers.

Audrey’s research focused on analysing the Directive looking for the case(s) of (in)visibility of women migrants and for the systems of power present in the legal norms. To do so she applied the framework developed by Carol Smart: “law is sexist”, “law is masculine” and “law is gendered”. The goal of the paper was to highlight the effects that the text could have on migrant women, despite its supposedly neutral nature.